If you’re thinking of using steroids to lose weight, you might be surprised to find that they won’t make things as easy as you think.
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I have to add:

They key aspect of fat loss is food, or to be precise what you eat on a daily basis. Generally what should be avoided: all sugar based foods (sweets, candy, sodas, basically anything made from sugar), bread and pastries, simple carbs, bad fats. The idea is to lower carb and fat intake, and eat more protein based foods.

Also one of the most important things about food is to eat it less than usual, lower your calorie intake by 300–800, depending on how much you currently eat.

Cardio plays a very important role, and it should be done from 3–5 times per week. Any of these will do: running, jogging, swimming, bicycle, or just plain old walking. In the begging you can start with 10 mins and work your way up to 40 mins.

As i said if you don’t do all these things, especially food, even if you take the best steroids for fat loss or fat burners, you wont get any good results. I used steroids for fat loss this summer, in may to be precise, and i had awesome results, but only due to the good diet that i incorporated. I used clenbuterol only, and had no side effects whatsoever. I dropped 8 kgs of fat in 2,5 months. —
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