Get the app! Are steroids addictive? Mental health facts and withdrawal symptoms. People do exhibit addict behavior such as neglect of family, work etc. Watch more videos on steroids here:

Also, people do not come off so the question remains: is there an addiction? The answer is yes, it is mental. The feeling of being superman is something that most people do not wish to trade in. But what is the drop off point? Will a higher dosage really bring eternal happiness?

Maik Wiedenbach was voted NYC’s best personal trainer, here to coach you online or in person. He makes people look and feel great based only on scientific principles instead of fad diets, harmful drugs or overpriced medication and unhealthy supplements.

Maik is an NYU professor, Olympian, two-time World Cup and Olympic-level swimmer, and Musclemania champion with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, fans & followers joining his official social media accounts where he shares fitness, workout and exercise tips from his own gym here in New York City.

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