(KETK) August 15, 2012
By Teresa Sardina

TYLER, TX — It’s football season! Teens who are playing sports are always trying to find ways to build muscle and to be a stronger player.

Teens are taking over-the-counter testosterone boosters.

Looking your best and being in the best shape is on every athlete’s mind. Some athletes work hard and some take performance enhancing supplements.

Anabolic steroids are controversial in the sports world and most are illegal. Teens are known to take testosterone boosters for muscle growth not knowing they can harm their body.

“You have teenagers who are developing and growing up and you never know how it can affect their immune system, or their bodies might take different to supplements,” says Antoine Bush, Assistant Head Coach at John Tyler High.

Some testosterone enhancers are sold over the counter and not intended for use by people under 18 years of age. Enhancers are known to promote energy, stimulate muscle, physical strength and bulk up. The supplement mimics the effect of your body’s natural testosterone.

Over-the-counter testosterone supplements have an herb called Rhodiola which is found in most steroids. In two tablets there is 386mg of Rhodiola. It seems…strength is more important than thinking about their health.

Parents and teens need to understand that taking testosterone enhancers isn’t a healthy way to improve your athletic performance. Before you get on the field this season think about your health.

Coach Bush tell his football team “Nothing can replace hard work”.