Tony Huge discusses how big of an impact genetic potential has on the results gained from steroids and other PEDs.

Tony Huge considers himself a master of all enhancement based drugs in bodybuilding. He believes that the current credited experiments and systems in place are holding us back as a society with how far performance enhancing drugs can really push us to the next level of humanity. That’s why in our latest GI Exclusive, we asked Tony Huge how much a person’s genetics affect the results of steroids and other PEDs. Can someone actually have genetics that make steroids useless?

Tony Huge gets excited when we ask him this question – as he finds this to be one of the most fascinating parts of his underground experiments. Every individual is different – and one size cannot fit all when it comes to any drug that a bodybuilder takes. The human body reacts differently in all sorts of ways. This is why Tony Huge invented what he calls the Anabolic Matrix.

The Anabolic Matrix is a grid that contains all of the important performance enhancing drugs that a bodybuilders can take to enhance their physiques. This grid can then cross reference itself to provide the appropriate supplementation to help correct side effects. If one substance seems to get a good reaction but causes certain unwanted side effects – don’t worry about it – Tony has another substance on the Anabolic Matrix that will counteract those side effects and get you to the right place.

Of course whether or not you think this is the right ethical way to dose a person with drugs comes down to your own views on Tony Huge and the ethics of illegal drug use. But it is interesting to pick Tony’s brain since he has a lot of personal experience with how much the same drug can affect different bodybuilders in completely different ways.

This in fact, despite what Tony Huge believes, might be a perfect example of why the US government wants to keep these drugs illegal. They are extremely powerful substances and with such wildly different effects it can have depending on the individual – it might be better left completely out of the picture.

Which brings us to our final question to Tony in this interview segment – what does he think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statements asking for drug testing in pro bodybuilding? Tony thinks that the whole thing is a PR move. He doesn’t even believe that Schwarzenegger really wants drug testing – but with his political past and mainstream star power, it’s simply something he has to say in order to remain mainstream and beloved by millions.

You can check out the full GI Exclusive interview segment with Tony Huge above!

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