In this episode of Quah, sponsored by Organifi (, code “mindpump” for 20% off), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about the benefits of quick gym sessions, maintaining gains after discontinuing steroid use, techniques to sell personal training and one thing they firmly believe to be true that everyone disagrees with.

The guys of Mind Pump aging with grace. (3:42) The massive growth of the ‘influencer’ space and potential backlash. How just because someone has 1 million followers doesn’t mean they provide value or have real power. (10:42) The wild wild west of advertising online. (22:33) Is diet more important than exercise for maintaining weight loss? New study weighs in. (25:30) Sal’s ‘high-rep’ deadlift workout + getting caught up in ‘ego’ lifting. (28:26) Do you have limited space and want to work out at home?? Time to look into getting a PRx Performance kit. (34:03) The benefits of using machines to connect to your muscles. (36:21) Updates on Catrina’s pregnancy. (41:43) #Quah question #1 – What movements do you lean towards on days when you only have enough time for a quick gym session? (45:36) #Quah question #2 – If dosed properly with a ligament post cycle, can gains with steroids be maintained without discontinuing use of steroids? (58:35) #Quah question #3 – During your last visit to Red Dot Fitness regarding sales, what piece of information provided the greatest impact on the audience? (1:12:45) #Quah question #4 – What is one thing you firmly believe to be true that everyone disagrees with you on? (1:24:11) People Mentioned

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