Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes the deltoid intramuscular injection, which is a common procedure.
The vastus lateralis and the safe area of the buttock are other sites for intramuscular injections.
One must be aware of the proper location for the injection and the neurovascular structures present within the involved region.
The size of the Deltoid mass is small in relation to the IM injection sites which leaves a small margin for error.
Accurate identification of the safe zone for injection is important.
One method is to find the safe zone square and injection into it will be safe.
It is better to inject inside the middle of the square.
The top border of the deltoid region is one or two finger width from the acromion process.
The bottom line is at the insertion of the deltoid muscle approximately from the fold of the axilla. Select the middle part of the Deltoid muscle from the side view for injection.
There is a different way for injecting the deltoid that is used by a lot of people.
If you superimpose the injection techniques, the ideal site for injection remains about the same.
There is less of a safe zone inferiorly with this method (the triangle) due to the close proximity of the neurovascular bundle to the inferior part of the deltoid.
The injection site for this method is located in the middle third of the triangle.
It is sometimes easiest to make triangle with the fingers as shown in the animation.
The site of injection is located in the center of the deltoid from the side view.
Squeezing the muscle from front to back increases the thikness and depth of the muscle and avoids nerve injuries.
Make sure you do not advance the needle deep the touch the bone.
Aspirate Before you Inject.
Care must be given not to cause nerve injury to the axillary nerve and the radial nerve during the Deltoid IM injection.

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