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Tony Huge runs us through the large amount of drugs he puts into his system.

Enhanced has finally been released to the world and has reached up to the top 5 of the documentary digital release charts! Focusing on a criminal and civil case against Tony Huge’s company Enhanced Athlete – Enhanced dives deep into Tony’s mindset of steroids being the future to human evolution.

We have a new exclusive clip to preview for all of those who haven’t had a chance to see the film. In this clip Tony takes us through the large amount of drugs he puts into his system to “enhance” his body and his life. He made his own body a human testing ground… and side effects do happen. But according to Tony he knows how to counter act those side effects safely should they occur during his testing.

On the flip side, Dr. Thomas O’Connor weighs in with his deep knowledge about steroids and other dangerous performance enhancing drugs. His conclusions aren’t as optimistic as Tony Huge. Why is Tony Huge spreading this information so dangerous? Because every body is different and certain drugs are prescribed or illegal for a very good reason. Misuse can lead to serious health issues or death. Check out the full clip above!

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