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Doctors vs Tony Huge on the legality of steroids.

Check out the first exclusive clip from our upcoming feature documentary ENHANCED starring Tony Hughes (aka Dr. Tony Huge). Diving deep into the mind of a man who believes that steroids are the necessary next step in human evolution, Enhanced chronicles the civil and criminal case behind Tony’s supplement company, Enhanced Athlete, and how Tony will do anything to stop what he believes is a government conspiracy to keep steroids illegal.

In this clip, Tony details exactly why he believes steroids are just like any other drug – and if used properly can be as normal and beneficial as something like Aspirin. Countering this logic is credited Dr. Thomas O’Connor, a doctor well versed in steroid studies and side effects on the human body. According to him, there are far too many variables in each individual case to safely allow steroids to be used recreationally.

But is this just a part of the conspiracy that Tony believes is holding our country and humanity back? Watch the clip above to find out and get an inside look into the regular steroid-fueled life that is “Dr. Tony Huge.”

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