In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about whether it is better to drop a rep and increase weight by a larger amount, or progress with smaller fractional plates, how to determine if your metabolism is slow, whether not eating right after a workout slows down progress, and exercises to keep your back strong and healthy.

How we all have that overly friendly friend, ‘Bro Code’ rules & MORE. (3:50)
Is Sal’s brother the best ChiliPad salesman ever?! (11:40)
The online mattress market is massive! (14:30)
Mind Pump is sold on Walmart. (20:50)
Jeff Bezos is catching some heat on his Australia donation. (25:35)
Nike banning their record-breaking shoe. What are Mind Pump’s thoughts? (28:06)
Scientists have created the first living robot! (35:45)
Unbelievable instances of animals in the military. (37:35)
Are women less likely to receive CPR than men? (41:26)
How being a Taco Bell manager is now a viable career choice. (45:40)
#Quah question #1 – Is it better to drop a rep and increase weight by a larger amount, or progress with smaller fractional plates? (47:53)
#Quah question #2 – If someone is having a hard time losing body fat, how do they determine if it is a slow metabolism or just overeating? (52:30)
#Quah question #3 – Is not eating after a workout slowing down my progress? (56:50)
#Quah question #4 – Since repetitive movement injuries are so common in the construction world, what kind of lower back work would you suggest to keep our back strong and healthy for years to come? (1:03:27)

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