Follow along workout routine to build your chest muscles with a resistance band!
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Grab your resistance bands and get ready for an intense chest workout! This routine is performed in a round format meaning you’re working exercise to exercise and once you finish all 6 exercises, then you’re down with 1 full round. For each exercise, perform 15 repetitions. If it’s a unilateral exercise, then you do 15 reps per side. Rest between each exercise for 30 seconds. You can use this workout as a 1-round finisher at the end of your chest day or you can do multiple sets to maximize volume for a full chest workout. If you’re doing multiple sets, try 3-4 rounds and rest 1-3 minutes in between rounds depending on your experience level. There is also a rep counter and rest timer included in the video so you can follow right along. This resistance band chest workout will help you build muscle right at home. Get after it Aliens!

1. High Downward Chest Press – 1:16
2. High 1-Arm Downward Chest Fly – 3:10
3. Middle Chest Press – 5:38
4. Middle Valley Press – 7:01
5. Low Upward Chest Press – 8:35
6. Low 1-Arm Upward Chest Fly – 10:03


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